Instructions About using Our Website:

First thing, you have to go to Download section on FAQ and download the registration form to your computer, Turning ON Microsoft Word Application, Contacting Marketing & Sales Department through WhatsApp Number Connected on website and introducing yourself and asking for password to access Registration File. After fulfilling required information, you have to save the file and send it back to the mentioned email in the bottom of registration form. Your form Will be checked and registered on our local system and added to our server as soon as possible, this process taking time not less than 3 working days. Marketing & Sales department will send you confirmation email including your login details and random password which you have to change after 1st access to your account.

You have to register on website or login to your account to see the prices and/or order our fabrics.

After you sending the Registration form back to the mentioned email in the form, you can require our (free) samples catalog on your expense, you will need to specify the delivery company suitable to you.

We fixed our minimum order on our website of any kind of fabric to be 100 meters except (ART NO: 10000 25 KG). To get the Invoice you need to place an order not less than 3000 Euro or its equivalent. Please Contact us for more details.

After confirmation the order, you have to pay the required amount 100% in advanced.

Your order will be checked on our Stock Warehouse's system, you will be notified by email to check the status of your order. You will be asked for confirmation of the status of your order and will be asked to pay the requested payment through the available payment's channels on our website.

After confirming payment from our accounting department, your order will take a place on waiting list, mostly, the orders waiting from 10 to maximum 15 working days after confirmation payment and depending on required items. every time your order passing steps, you will be informed automatically by our system about that by email. Also, you can check your order status by tracking the order number on website or by visiting your account and clicking on order history.

Contact us immediately on 24/7 Customer service Channel, you will be asked for some more details such photos, videos and sometime live video call with us to see the fabrics. You will get the best solution for such issue.

1st of all we need to get a sample of that fabric not less that (1X1 m), We gonna analyzing it then we can do our offer.

Unfortunately, you cannot.

There are no products to list in this category.

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24/7 Customer Service:

+1 631 557 2 557

+1 631 557 2 557

+1 631 557 2 557

info [at]


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